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The sizes of Syrenia sandals are standard. If you normally wear size 39 you will have to choose size 39. Realizziamo i sandali in tutte le taglie: dal 33 al 46.

Would you like to buy sandals but you have doubts about the size?

No problem, follow the directions below. Simply communicate your measurements to us via mail, whatsapp or by telephone and we will indicate your correct measurement!

Come misurare la lunghezza del tuo piede

1. Draw the outline of both feet on a sheet. Standing!

2. Measure the length of the foot from the big toe to the heel in cm.

Per la larghezza del collo piede

1. Measure the width of the instep from the right to the left.

2. The same also applies to measuring the part closest to the fingers.

ILLUSTRATIVE VIDEO - How to measure your foot for ordering sandals


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